Petnjik Solar PV Plant - the test phase for the solar plant has started

Greenstat's first solar plant in Bosnia Herzegovina has reached an important milestone. Greenstat, GP Toming and invited guests marked the transition from the construction phase to the test phase for the Petnjik Solar PV Plant on 29 August.

Published: Aug 31, 2023 at 10:22 AM

The solar power plant has now been installed on site, including all solar panels, inverters and electrical equipment and connection to the substation and grid. The construction period has gone according to plan, largely thanks to GP Toming's valuable and long experience in building large solar power plants. A test period will now be carried out before final approval from the authorities, which will be achieved when it is documented that the facility delivers according to the specifications. Power produced during the test period gives the company our first income in September.

The Petnjik Solar PV Plant, with an installed capacity of 45 MWp and an estimated output of 64 GWh, is the largest solar power plant built so far in Bosnia Herzegovina. The project is a collaboration between GP Toming from Bosnia Herzegovina and Greenstat in Norway. Several esteemed partners who have contributed to the realization of the solar power plant were also present at yesterday's commemoration, including the embassies from both countries.

This landmark project will directly contribute to an increased share of renewable energy in the energy mix in South-Eastern Europe and signifies a significant leap towards a greener and more sustainable future for Bosnia-Herzegovina.


On main photo: 
From left: • Stefan Almehagen Sandstad, Norwegian Embassy's Deputy Head of Mission • Torstein Thorsen Ekern, Greenstat, Head of Business Development • Sanela Mujkanovic, Norwegian Embassy's Consular Officer • Ketil Strøm-Larsen, Greenstat, Business Development Senior Manager • Gudmund Sydness, Greenstat, Business Development South East Europe • Anders Folkman, legal advisor Advokatfirma Folkman AS • Ahmed Lindov, Norwegian-Bosnian Chamber of Commerce Director • H.E. Bakir Sadovic, Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina • Ivan Tomas, GP Toming Managing Director and overall Project Manager Petnjik Solar PV Plant. 

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Ivan Tomas, GP Toming. Gudmund Sydness, Torstein Thorsen Ekern og Ketil Strøm-Larsen, from Greenstat.



Tour of the Petnjik Solar PV Plant.