Solar power park

The demand for solar energy will increase considerably in the future and that means we will need solar parks.

Greenstat works with solar power on a large scale, which is why Greenstat Solar has been established to run, own, and operate its own solar power stations, where earnings are made by selling self-produced electricity. This will take place either on the network of the local community or be used in the production of green hydrogen. Greenstat Solar will own solar power plants, often in partnership with others, both in Norway and around the world. 


Greenstat Solar will own and operate solar power plants both in Norway and overseas - and we are already in the process of developing the 45 MWp Petjnik solar power plant in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

After evaluating many opportunities for ownership in solar projects in Europe, Greenstat Solar has partnered up with GP Toming D.O.O. to build a solar power plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is just the start of our foreign solar investment. The solar park will be completed in autumn 2023 with an estimated annual production of 65 GWh.

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A closed industrial area in Hvarnes, Larvik, can become a solar power plant. The site would come in operation in 2024 and 9300 ground-mounted solar panels would produce electricity to power 325 private housings.

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