Hydrogen-hub Agder

We are spearheading the project "Hydrogen-hub Agder" together with Everfuel AS and in collaboration with established industries in the EYDE network as well as other players. Our goal is to produce compressed hydrogen for vessels.

Greenstat ASA and Everfuel A/S will in cooperation develop a hydrogen production facility at Fiskaa Industrial site in Agder, Kristiansand. Hydrogen Hub Agder is planned in two phases, where the first phase is a hydrogen production facility with a 20 MW electrolyser producing around 8 MT of green hydrogen per day. Second phase will expand the PtX facility to 60 MW. 

The location near the harbour is ideal for maritime hydrogen supply. Primary focus for the hub is to serve the shipping industry with renewable fuels, as the Port of Kristiansand is a major player for both Norwegian- and international marine traffic. The Port of Kristiansand will be a key port for a European green transportation corridor from Norway, through Jylland in Denmark and downwards to Europe. The ideal location for the Hydrogen Hub Agder also enables the possibility to utilize the two bi-products from the electrolyser; oxygen and heat. Glencore Nikkelverk located near the production facility may be a major off-taker of the excess oxygen from the production facility. Combined with a potential use of excess heat from the facility, in collaboration with Elkem Carbon, may together create a highly energy-efficient PtX-facility. 

The project received funding equal to NOK 148 million from Enova to support the development of the first phase hydrogen production facility 23rd June 2023.